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Back on Tour!!!

Last year we did a crazy thing. I was pregnant and in my third year of medical school and Nate and I were trying to figure out how he was going to keep playing disc golf professionally while I finished medical school and started residency... with a baby. One night, all of a sudden, I said "Why don't the baby and I go on tour with you?" I had no idea what I had just suggested but it sounded like a grand adventure. And so it was. We bought an RV - biggest purchase of our lives - I took a one year leave of absence from medical school, we had a baby and 10 weeks later we hit the road. Yes, you read that right. Our lives changed drastically in 2017 and I won't pretend it was easy but we made it. Nate finished out the best year of his disc golf career, Cora and I were present for his USDGC win and Cora visited 26 states before she was 6 months old!

Over the winter we stayed in Oregon, where we are both from, with our families and it was wonderful, but with the Las Vegas Challenge tournament only weeks away we are re-organizing the RV, planning our tour schedule and the Sexton Shootout schedule and saying goodbye to our families. Luckily, the tour brings us back home in June. We are excited to get back out on the road. Nate is excited to get back into tournament play. We are both excited to run The Sexton Shootout events and meet disc golfers from all over the country. Joby (the dog) is excited to be back on the open road all while not leaving the comfort of his couch - the benefits of riding around in an RV. And our whole family is excited to see all our disc golf friends, explore National Parks, take hikes in new places and just generally explore the country (and the world!!!).


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